9W Underwater LED Light Water Fountain Underwater Light IP68 Waterproof Underwater Lamp




  • Anita

    05 Jun 2023

    I installed T-star LED underwater lights in my aquarium, and they have taken it to the next level. The vibrant colors make my aquatic creatures stand out beautifully.

  • Jenna

    05 Jun 2023

    Bought these to light up my flower gardens. Work perfectly. Will order more in the future

  • Frances

    05 Jun 2023

    Fantastic quality light. I use this in my fountain and hooked it up to an existing low voltage line. It is very heavy and feels very well made. It didn't come with a bulb so make sure to order separately

  • Hebe

    05 Jun 2023

    Good quality and nice brightness. Easy to set it up. It works with 24V ac low voltage transformer.

  • Andrea

    05 Jun 2023

    I was impressed by the wide beam angle of the LED underwater lights. They provide even illumination throughout the water, making every corner of my pool look stunning.

  • Adeline

    05 Jun 2023

    I highly recommend T-star's LED underwater lights for landscape designers. They provide endless possibilities for highlighting water features, adding a touch of magic to any design.

  • Wesley

    05 Jun 2023

    I am extremely satisfied with the brightness and clarity of these LED underwater lights. They illuminate my water feature beautifully, showcasing its beauty day and night. Easy to install. Thx.

  • Beata

    05 Jun 2023

    The LED underwater lights are perfect for creating a romantic ambiance in my hot tub. The soft, soothing glow adds a touch of elegance and relaxation.

  • Alice

    05 Jun 2023

    I'm thrilled with T-star's led waterproof light performance of these LED underwater lights. They work flawlessly even when fully submerged, making them perfect for underwater applications.

  • Thomas

    05 Jun 2023

    The installation is impressed me. They were simple to set up, and the results are breathtaking. My pond has never looked better!

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