What is the best color temperature?

  Different LED light color temperatures lead to the distinct appearance of installing led strip lights. Under a high color temperature light source, if the LED brightness is not high, it will give people a cold feeling. And if under a low color temperature light source, too high brightness will give people a stuffy feeling. So please ensure that the white light LED color temperature is suitable for your place.

2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K, and 7000K

The warm white 2700K LED light makes humans comfortable and warm as if bathing in the sun.

  The soft white 3000K LED lighting is closer to white, and it has a less yellow color. It looks cleaner than the 2700K color temperature. You maybe think the color of 2800K and 3000K is the same, but when you see them at the same time, you will distinguish them immediately.

  The low light soft color temperature from 2700K to 3200K is suitable for kitchens, restaurants, and hotels. 

  The difference between 3000K and 4000K LED lighting is that 4000K color temperature has no yellow color, suitable for task lighting like kitchens or offices.

  The 6000-6500K daylight color temperature represents more details, creating clarity and a transparent environment. 6500K is the brightest white color. Many jewelry and watch stores use bright white color temperature - 6500K LED lights to represent the whole beauty of jewelry and watches.

  Color temperature above 7000k begins to appear blue with a bluish tint.

Difference places with different color temperatures

  Different LED lighting needs affect which color temperature you use. Generally speaking, the warm color temperature is suitable for comfortable scenes, such as a bedroom for rest. Cool color temperature is helpful to improve people's productivity, make people concentrate, and improve their attention. It is very suitable for use in the study or office.

  To create a warm and comfortable environment, choose a warm color temperature. If you want to increase the brightness to attract people's attention, choose a cool color temperature. 

LED strip lights with color temperature

  There are tunable white led strip lights (also called dual white led light strips, dimmable led strips or CCT led strip lights), RGBW led light strips, and RGBCCT led strips that are all related to the color temperature.

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