The brightness of LED Wall Washer

  Special lighting of interior walls has always been a very important aspect of interior lighting design. The brightness ratio of the wall washer is not only related to the overall visual sense of the room, but more importantly, it is usually necessary to make full use of the outer wall of the room. For example: displaying artwork in an art gallery, displaying merchandise shelves in a space, etc.


  LED technology allows space lights to combine science and art in a more scientific way, breaking the boundaries of traditional lights, and surpassing the inner concept of the so-called lamp shape. The design of the lamps is based on visual perception and artistic creation form. The manufacturer of the wall washer sees, understands and expresses the subject of light in a whole new way. We can use the combination of light and shade in optical technology to make the advantages of material and structural design more flexible, increase the freedom of design, weaken the lighting function of lamps, and make lamps a visual art. People who like light artistic effect, can create easy and beautiful. For example, candle-shaped LEDs made of translucent synthetic material and aluminum can be placed at will on the floor, in a corner or on a table.


  If the wall washer wants to achieve a certain brightness, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the light source. Different lamp beads adopt different designs and have different heat dissipation effects. Of course, the lighting effects are different. Don't choose bad quality. Low light beads are used to load the numbers. The brightness of the wall-mounted cleaning system depends entirely on the light source.


  The light source of the wall washing system is very special. Choosing a good quality radiator is also an aspect we should pay attention to. With the development of society and the pursuit of optical devices, powerful wall washers have been used for wall lights in business and corporate buildings, government buildings, historical buildings, and entertainment venues. etc. From indoor to outdoor, from local lighting to overall lighting, the scope is constantly expanding. All of these are refinements and developments on this level.

UL ETL Listed 40 inches One meter type lenght 50W RGB LED Wall Washer

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