Know more about LED wall washer

  Now led wall washer has been widely used in commercial lighting, it can light up the outline of various buildings, mainly for outdoor lighting and decoration, showing the beauty of the city at night.


1.Led wall washer lamp bead brightness

  The brightness of the lamp beads used in the led wall washer is different, and the price is also different. Common 1W bead brightness in the market is 90-130Lm, 3W brightness is as high as 250LM, and 5W-320W is an integrated chip,

  which is packaged in series and parallel, mainly depending on the current and voltage. The brightness of 1W red light is 30-40lm, 1W green light is 60-80lm, and 1W yellow light is 30-50lm, 1W blue light is 20-30lm.

  LED lenses are generally made of PMMA, PC, optical glass, silica gel and other materials. The larger the degree, the higher the light efficiency. Using a small degree LED lense, the light can shine very far.


2. The wavelength of the lamp beads

  The price of led wall washers with the same wavelength and color will be higher. Manufacturers with LED spectrometers are needed to produce pure color products.

Red light: the wavelength range is 600-680nm, of which the wavelengths of 620nm and 630nm are commonly used in stage lights. The wavelength of 690 is close to infrared:

Blue light: the wavelength range is 430-480nm, of which the wavelengths of 460nm and 465nm are commonly used in stage lights;

  Guide light: the wavelength range is 500-580nm, of which the wavelengths of 525nm and 530nm are commonly used in stage lights. 

  In order to better use and install the LED wall washer, the LED wall washer manufacturer recommends that you must understand the installation method of the LED wall washer before installation, as follows:

1. Carry out pre-installation work according to the installation location;

2. Fix the wall washer bracket firmly with screws;

3. Tightly connect the wall washer to the power supply, and wrap the unused wire ends with waterproof tape

4. When installing wiring, the branch power supply can connect up to 8-10 sets of wall washers; or another power cord after 50 meters;

5. After the installation is completed, please check the installation circuit first to confirm that the installation is correct and there is no electrical short circuit, then turn on the corresponding control power supply;

6. If there is a problem during the installation process, please consult the technical staff of the wall washer manufacturer


UL ETL Listed 20 inches 50cm lenght 25W RGB LED Wall Washer

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