How to choose LED Wall Washer?

 The voltage and power: the irradiation distance of the LED wall washer is determined by its output power. Conventional power mainly has 18W, 25W, 36W and 50W. The greater the power, the farther the irradiation distance. The greater the power, the greater the output voltage required. The mose popular light is external DC24V. The power of the wall washer can be adjusted within a certain range, which is convenient for adjusting the effect.

  While choosing a wall washer, its IP protection level parameters is an important factor. This is an important parameter affecting the quality. IP protection over 65 is a better quality LED wall washer. Of course, the overall quality is related to other parameters, such as pressure resistance, chipping resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.

  Color and color temperature: Wall washers are generally divided into seven colors: full color and single color, and the color temperature is controlled at about 2700-7000K. We do support OEM ODM service.

  Lighting angle: LED wall washer has three kinds of light angles: narrow (about 20 degrees), medium (about 50 degrees), wide (about 120 degrees). At present, the effective projection distance of our LED wall washer (narrow angle) is 5-10 meters.

  Working temperature: The wall washer usually works outdoors, so its working temperature becomes very important. If it can't withstand the high temperature, then the practicality will be greatly reduced! The outdoor working stability of standard LED wall washers is generally controlled at -20 degrees to 40 degrees.

  Control mode: The control mode of the wall washer is divided into two types: internal control and external control. The internal control is directly designed in the internal program of the lamp, and cannot be adjusted externally, and the lamp effect is fixed. The external control is the external link controller of the LED wall washer, through which the illumination effect can be adjusted. Users can choose a more specific application control method.

  Literally the LED wall washer is to make the light on the wall produce the same effect as washing. It is mainly used as decorative lighting to outline the building walls. In recent years, LED technology has developed rapidly. Its high efficiency, energy saving, green power saving, rich colors and long service life have great advantages in wall washers. So after 2014, almost all wall washers were replaced by LED light sources.

UL ETL Listed 20 Inches 50cm Lenght 25W 2000k-7000k White LED Wall Washer for Building Outdoor Decoration

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