Complete Guide to UFO LED High Bay Lights

  A: UFO LED high bay lights are LED lights which are shaped like UFOs and mainly used for commercial or industrial lighting, such as warehouses, factories, garage, shopping malls, etc. They can illuminate large areas.

  In general, the usage of UFO LED high bay lights depends on the height of ceilings, installation angle, luminous flux and the power of light fixtures, etc. If you mount a 100W UFO LED high bay light in a 10 feet high room, it will feel overpowering because of the excessive brightness. On the other hand, if you mount a regular bedroom LED light in a warehouse over 15 feet or even 40 feet high, you would not get your desired brightness.

How to Hang UFO High Bay Light?

Take Rio Tinto UFO LED high bay light as an example, there are 3 ways to mount it depending on the installation conditions.

Hook Mount

Step 1. Turning off the power

  Before the installation, it’s important to make sure to turn off the power. Do not install when power is still turned on, so as not to get shocked.

Step 2. Wiring

  Connect the light’s wire to ac power. The black wire connects to live wire, the white wire connects to the neutral line, and the green wire connects to ground wire. Make sure to not mix the wires to avoid safety hazard.

Step 3. Screwing in the hook hanger

  If the ceiling is ready to mount or if the hook is mounted already, UFO high bay light could be mounted directly through the hook. If not, you should drill a hole to mount the hook.

  You could find a hook hanger among the accessories. First attach the hook hanger onto the top of the UFO high bay light, then tighten the screws on the side to secure the hanger.

Step 4. Hanging the UFO high bay light

  Use the hook hanger to hang the UFO high bay light onto the mounted hook. Install the hook first if there isn’t one already.

Step 5. Connecting the dimmer

  If the UFO high bay light you bought has dimming feature, you can see two  extra wires to connect to your dimmer (dimmer not included), so you could adjust the light of the UFO high bay light as needed. The purple wire represents “+” adjustment, the gray wire represents “-“ adjustment. Of course, if you don’t need the dimming feature, you could choose not to use the two wires.

Step 6. Turning on the power

  The UFO LED high bay light installs easily. After connecting it to the switch,  you could turn the power back on and it will be ready to use.

High Bay LED UFO 100W DMX Control RGBW LED Light IP65 Waterproof for Warehouse Gym

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